The Dope Collector

Year: 2013
Pages: 312 pp.

"The best book Francisco José Viegas has ever written." Pedro Marques Lopes


The Sea in Casablanca

Year: 2009
Pages: 240 pp.

"Built with the rigour and precision of the best genre craftsmen, this novel asserts the extraordinary canvas of a great writer." Lire


Far From Manaus

Year: 2005
Pages: 480 pp.

Winner of the Portuguese Writers' Association's Grand Prize in 2005.


A Capital Crime

Year: 2001
Pages: 200 pp.

"We should not forget Francisco José Viegas’s name, a master of atmosphere and disenchantment." Lire


A Crime in the Exhibition

Year: 1998
Pages: 296 pp.

"Francisco José Viegas turns crime fiction on its head. A style that soars high." Le Point


A Sky Too Blue

Year: 1995
Pages: 320 pp.

Shortlisted for the Prix du Roman Policier Européen.


The Two Waters in The Sea

Year: 1992
Pages: 370 pp.

"A language woven of islets and skies, steeped in solitude: a great author." La Croix


Death in the Stadium

Year: 1991
Pages: 287 pp.

"Francisco José Viegas’s turns the crime novels’ formula upside down." Le Point

Detective Jaime Ramos by Francisco José Viegas