Author's Biography

Francisco José Viegas was born in 1962. A lecturer, journalist and publisher, he is editor of LER magazine, having also been editor of the magazine Grande Reportagem and director of the Fernando Pessoa House. He was the Secretary of State for Culture of Portugal's 19th Constitutional Government from June 2011 to October 2012. He worked with several newspapers and magazines, hosted various radio programmes (Antena 1) and television shows.

He is the editor-in-chief of the most prestigious Portuguese publishing house, Quetzal Editores, and has been publishing authors such as Martin Amis and Kingsley Amis, Julian Barnes, Saul Bellow, Thomas Bernhard, Roberto Bolaño, Jorge Luis Borges, Claudio Magris, and Mario Vargas Llosa. His literary work includes poetry books (Metade da Vida [Half Life], O Puro e o Impuro [Pure and Impure], Se Me Comovesse o Amor [If Love Could Move Me]) and the novels Regresso por um Rio [Return by a River], Crime em Ponta Delgada [Crime in Ponta Delgada], Morte no Estádio [Death in the Stadium], As Duas Águas do Mar [The Two Waters in the Sea], Um Céu Demasiado Azul [A Sky Too Blue], Um Crime na Exposição [Crime at the Exhibition], Um Crime Capital [A Capital Crime], Lourenço Marques, Longe de Manaus [Far from Manaos] (winner of the Portuguese Writers' Association's Grand Prize in 2005), O Mar em Casablanca [The Sea in Casablanca], and O Colecionador de Erva [The Dope Collector].

His books have been published in Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, Czech Republic, Colombia and Serbia.

Detective Jaime Ramos by Francisco José Viegas